Red Queen Review numero uno (No spoilers. You’re welcome.)

Red Queen was an amazing story. Victoria did a FANTASTIC job at creating a world that the reader could so easily be enveloped by and characters that you could immediately fall in love with. (Notice the use of caps, and bold. I really liked this book). The transitions from one part of the story to the next were fluid and Victoria Aveyard’s use of the now popular technique “plot twist” was painfully brilliant. I’m pretty sure that my sub-conscience saw this coming from a mile away, but I chose my ships over the secret brilliance contained within the depths of my brain. And who listens to their sub-conscience anyway. Probably not even possible considering its…”subness”. Anyway I would give this book five out of five stars for its encapsulating personality and brilliance. I recommend this book to any fantasy/sci-fi lovers, YA genre readers, and anyone looking for an electrifying story. Eh see what I did there? Never mind you’ll find out ;)(winking face emoji).



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