Red Queen Review Numero Dos (includes major plot twist spoilers. Be wary!)

I was honestly shocked by how much I enjoyed this book. I’ve never been too into fantasy/sci-fi aside from Harry Potter, but I really had my opinion of the genre changed. The book had such an interesting concept and I loved learning about the Silver world as Mare did. To me Red Queen had some The Selection moments, but The Selection didn’t entertain me nearly as much as Red Queen! For me, I did not connect to any of the female characters and at some points Mare just felt boring and frustrating. However, the male characters were fantastic! Cal, Maven, and Lucas brought so much life to the story (not Kilorn. I hated him). Maven was my favorite by far and I’ll admit he still is even after the plot twist. THAT PLOT TWIST! Maven being evil was so predictable, and yet I never saw it coming. Victoria really developed Mavey (loved that nickname) and I instantly fell in love with him. My heart is still slightly broken. Overall I loved Red Queen. It’s something so different and I cannot wait to read Glass Sword! I it four out of five stars. Even though she was a pain in the butt about it, I’d like to thank Madeline for forcing me to read it. 😉



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