Mosquitoland spontaneous review!

Mosquitoland. This has been one of my favorite reads this year. David Arnold’s writing was so captivating and his style made the book so much fun to read! Having nothing in common with any of the main characters from this novel, I was taken back by how connected I felt to them. I don’t know if this is the reason they had such a big impact on me, or if they are just too lovable to forget. Throughout the whole book I had no idea what the endgame was for these characters, or how Mim’s journal entries would tie in with the end of the story (which was done beautifully by the way). I LOVED (notice all caps) how the characters weren’t the run of the mill generic people you might find in a book, but flawed in their own way which added a certain “fullness” to the novel. The strong presence of friendship was also a reason this book made me so happy, which made me so sad when it was over! No more book 😦 I never have read a book quite like Mosquitoland, which in my mind sets it apart from all of the other stories I’ve read. Falling in love with the characters like Walt and Mim took milliseconds of reading due to their wonderful contrasting personalities. I really liked how the romance aspect of the novel took a backseat to the obviously more important theme of friendship. I definitely don’t think this book is for everyone, but if you’re looking for a comical, happy-feely read this might be the book for you!  Five out of five stars! Now one of my favorite quotes from the book. (which is kinda long)(but still good)(parentheses overload)(haha get it)(just read the book you will).


“Home is hard. Harder than reasons. It’s more a storage unit for your life and its collections. It’s more than an address, or even a house you grew up in. People say home is where your heart is, but I think maybe home is the heart. Not a place or time, but an organ, pumping life into my life. There may be more mosquitos and stepmothers than I imagined, but its still my heart. My home”-David Arnold (Mary Iris Malone)


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