The Inquisitor’s Tale or the three magical children and their holy dog :)

Brief summery (blurb): On a dark night in 1242, travelers at an inn begin to tell stories of three children: Jeanne, a peasant girl who has visions of the future; William, a young monk with supernatural strength; and Jacob, a Jewish boy who can heal any wound. Their powers will be tested by demons and dragons, cruel knights and cunning monks. From small villages to grand banquet halls, these three unlikely friends-and their faithful greyhound-lead chase through France to a final showdown at Mont-Saint-Michel. Featuring manuscript illuminations throughout by illustrator Hatem Aly and filled with Adam’s trademark style and humor, The Inquisitor’s Tale is a bold storytelling that’s richly researched.


My thoughts 🙂

What an interesting story! If you haven’t read Adam Gidwitz’s other middle grade series, A Tale Dark and Grimm, then I highly recommend to do so before diving into this book just to get a feel for the writing style. The Inquisitor’s Tale was nowhere near as dark and gory as his last series but just as enjoyable. Because I received the arc of this book, the illustrations weren’t yet complete, but from the few that were provided I could tell how much more fascinating this book would be because of them. I really enjoyed this book and would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really think a great majority of people could enjoy this book. It provides an interesting and fun story for middle grades, yet more profound themes for older readers. If you’re at all interested in this book it will be available on September 27, and is available for pre-order. 🙂


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