Winter by Marissa Meyer

To get ready for the release of Heartless, coming out this November, Megan and I thought it appropriate to do a review of the last book in the lunar chronicle series! This may contain spoilers from all four books in the series and the novella Fairest, and the collection Stars Above.

Winter was by far one the best books in the series. I was internally freaking out when it came out that the series wouldn’t have the epic ending that it had been building up towards. I was very satisfied with the ending of this book and the series. Now I’m going to give my rating and recommendations before I jump into the goodies. I would give this book a higher rating than 5 if I could, but 5/5 will have to suffice. I would recommend this book to YA readers, sci-fy readers, fantasy readers, and any fan of fairy tales.

Now for the fun part! I will first rank my favorites in the series starting with the best, and ending with the still really amazing and dazzling but not as good as the others. Then comes favorite characters and favorite moment.

1. Winter – Of coarse this was my favorite. Yes I really like beginnings but this ending was absolutely marvelous. I enjoyed every bit of this book especially the epic showdown with Levanna.

2. Cinder – What can I say? I love Cinderella. And this story was one of my first re-tellings of this story. I completely fell in love with Cinder and Kai and who could forget Iko. The story played out in a way that I really enjoyed and that’s why it is second on my list.

3. Fairest – Unexpectedly I really enjoyed this novella. The backstory I found was really interesting and it really created a battle in my mind between two questions. Are people borne evil? Or do they become evil? Levanna was a very interesting character, and being put in the environment she was in from birth, even I’m not sure if there was any other path for her.

4. Cress – I thoroughly enjoyed this book but it wasn’t my favorite for a couple reasons. First, I can only have one favorite. Second Cress as a character fell a little flat for me. I just wished that the character development occurred faster or showed itself a little more. Every time I thought of her I could never picture her as a “strong” character, even when she was being perhaps one of the strongest.

5. Stars Above – This collection of novellas also gave a lot of backstory to the series. I really enjoyed most of the short stories, but one didn’t sit with me as well as the others. The little android. I appreciated the twist on the Little Mermaid story, but the ending just felt a little unfinished. I wished that little android got her fairy tale ending like her Disney counterpart.

6. Scarlet – There is basically only one reason this is last on my list. I could not stand the fact that the main focus was on Cinder. And yes I obviously got over that considering my favorite of the series has stories from every character. But after the occurance of that ball I was itching for the next part of Cinder’s story. Scarlet was just as magnificent as the rest, but I do wish I went into that book with the same clarity as I did with Cress and Winter.

And now for my favorite character!


Yes. Winter was by far my favorite character of the series. I enjoyed every aspect of her and thought she was the most interesting. Before I read Winter, Cinder was my favorite character because she was also very complex, but I feel like Winter brought it to a whole new level. I absolutely adored how strong she was. How she was able to be kind and trusting even when she was constantly tormented by Levanna, and her lunar sickness was eating away at her thoughts. This is not only one of my favorite characters in the series but of all time. Winter is right up there with Dobby and Katniss.

Final thoughts: I’d just like to say how much I loved this book. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite moment. But one that I really enjoyed was the end. Scarlet’s secret ceremony was beautifully written and I loved the friendship between the characters. The series came to a close in such a lovely way, that I don’t think I could have come up with anything I’d like better. So. Quick overview of the madness I just spewed out. Favorite book, Winter. Favorite character, Winter. Favorite moment, the end…(of Winter).


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