Winter by Marissa Meyer

It’s safe to say that the Lunar Chronicles has been one of my favorite series. Yes, I was late to the bandwagon, but I’m very glad I read them!

I would agree with Madeline in saying Winter was the fantastic ending that we all hoped it would be. However my favorite book was Cress. She’s also my favorite character. As much as I liked all the action Winter had to offer, the book felt dragged out in certain spots. Normally having all the main characters end up in a relationship is cheesy and unrealistic to me, but I’m so thankful Marissa didn’t break up any couples! I honestly ship them all! Cress and Thorne are my OTP though. The end fight scene was everything I wanted it to be and more. I sort of felt frustrated on Cinders whole speech to Kai about how she plans on ending the monarchy. I get it, she doesn’t want to be queen. But Cinder, come on! You just risked everyone’s life  to take back the throne and now you’re already talking about giving it up again. Enjoy those queen perks Cinder. So pleased our characters ended up with a happy ending just like in the fairy tales. Hopefully some time in the future I’ll be watching the cyborg world we all love play out on a movie screen.


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